My name is Raul Morales Delgado. I am a Data Scientist — with a background in Mechanical Engineering — based in Toronto, Canada. I have 4+ years of experience in Data Analytics and almost two years in Data Science.

As a Data Scientist, I am very passionate about AI — ML, deep learning, predictive modeling — and Analytics — EDA and data visualization —, and I am also a firm believer that developing models into stable and scalable solutions makes them more likely to be successfully deployed into production, hence my interest in MLOps, Data Engineering and DevOps in general.

This website is a blog about my work in the previously described fields — here you will find projects, tutorials that started as notes, small articles ( nuggets) about specific things, and a bit of random posts about things I like (like $\text{typography}$ 👻).

Please feel free to contact me or see my work through any of the following:

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