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Welcome to my blog! My name is Raul Morales Delgado and I’m a Data Scientist. In this website you will find posts about my work in applied AI, Data Analytics, and a bit of MLOps and Data Engineering.

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Concatenating in Numpy with r_ and c_

In Numpy, the r_ and c_ class objects are utilities that allow users to concatenate objects using slice notation. In this post, I explain how to make the most out of them by modifying its string notation and I measure their performance for concatenating and for reshaping.
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git rebase --onto and the Detached HEAD

In this post, a solution is presented to the problem of rebasing the section of a branch to a new parent commit, and making that new section a new branch on which to work.
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Website Showcase & Template

Template and showroom for website’s features.
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Resiliently Serving a Jupyter Notebook on a Virtual Machine

Jupyter Notebook is the de facto tool to sandboxing in Python and presenting your work as fluidly as possible. However, compute requirements sometimes exceed your local computer capabilities. This tutorial presents a walkthrough to setting up a connection-resilient Jupyter Notebook server on an AWS EC2 instance.
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Switching to zsh & Re-Enabling Anaconda in the New MacOS Catalina

This post shows how to re-enable command-line applications, namely the default ones in MacOS distributions, like git, and user-installed Anaconda, that would not launch or work after installing MacOS Catalina and its new default shell, zsh.
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Context Managers with Python’s contextlib

Because managing resources in Python is better with context managers — and context managers are easier with contextlib. This article is a small tutorial on why context managers are easier with contextmanager from contextlib, where its similarities to a full implementation of with-statement context managers start to become blurrier, and how to effectively handle exceptions.
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Hands-on Sustainable Git and GitHub

Git and GitHub are extremely useful tools for version control and collaborative work. This tutorial is a hands-on introduction to their functionality — you will learn how to set these tools up and how to use them. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to develop sustainable workflows that you can seamlessly integrate to your everyday toolset.
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